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Gretchen Lancaster - Lancaster & Co Gretchen Lancaster Agent of the Year

Gretchen Lancaster

Born into a family of 8 children I learned at a very early age to distinguish myself through hard work. A chronic over achiever through college I worked tirelessly to be at the top of everything I set my hand to. Shortly after getting married I moved with my husband to the beautiful beaches of Virginia where I began working for the largest real estate brokerage in Hampton Roads. I immediately knew I had found my passion. These innovative brokers exposed me to a wide range of extensive training. Learning from the very best I honed my expertise in the fields of negotiation, marketing, and contract law to designate a few. As the youngest agent in my office I soaked up everything I could, and quickly distinguished myself as a top producer with a reputation for service and excellence. With the application of these skills I personally facilitated 100’s of transactions, and qualified to receive a broker’s license in the minimum amount of time allotted by state law. Now I have held Brokers Licenses in the States of Virginia, Idaho and Montana. Recognizing the value of personal investments I served as a corporate officer for Realty Investment Corp., engaged in the acquisition and sale of residential rental and rehab projects around the country. Since relocating to my childhood home to raise my family, I have served as the Principle Broker for Wilderness Realty directing all real estate sales for the Wilderness Club, a luxury golf home development on the outskirts of Eureka. Opening my first office in Eureka the spring of 2014 I was excited to bring a new level of service and innovation to the residents of my home town. With explosive growth in a down market I have decided to add an additional office in Kalispell to continue the vision of great service and new ideas. I know every transaction is unique, and I look forward to helping you tackle whatever real estate challenge lies ahead.



Michael Lancaster - Lancaster & Co

Michael Lancaster

Born in Scotland, I have always enjoyed traveling. After receiving my degree in Nuclear Engineering and my commission in the United States Navy, I had the good fortune to travel the world in the submarine USS Minneapolis St.Paul. After my naval service, my wife and I ran a real estate investment company in Virginia Beach, Virginia. When the kids started to arrive, we made the decision to relocate back out to Northwest Montana to raise them in the same environment that we enjoyed as kids growing up in this area. Consummate DIY’ers, we bought some raw land and built our place from the ground up. After running a successful oilfield services business in the Bakken field for a few years, I have once again teamed up with my lovely wife to apply our unique and principled approach to our Real Estate Company. I believe that we bring a unique blend of old fashioned service and integrity along with the latest technology to give our clients the very best that this industry has to offer. I love real estate. Whether it’s the power of a good investment, helping someone relocate, or the satisfaction of finding someone the home they will raise their children in; I feel that I get to help folks realize their goals and dreams. I don’t think of myself so much as a real estate agent, but as a friend and advisor who gets to be a part of one of the most exciting events that occurs in a person’s life. The old Navy recruiting slogan was “Let the Journey begin”, I feel its apropos for real estate as well.



Rick C Peterson - Lancaster & Co

Rick C. Peterson

I came to Northwest Montana over 14 years ago to find the perfect place to raise my family. As a transplant from the Salt Lake Valley we quickly settled into the community. Bringing with me an extensive construction background I formed my own local company working with water wells and pressure systems. Owning and operating my water company I have traveled every dirt road in this corner of the state and can tell you where even the most remote places are. With a mastery of home construction and water systems coupled with an intimate knowledge of the area I found myself very naturally drawn to real estate. With extensive training in real estate contracts and negotiating I have helped countless people with the process of selling and buying homes. I hadn’t been in real estate long when I realized there was a great need for professional property management. Renting homes is such an integral part of owning real estate and our clients needed someone who could help them navigate their rentals and safeguard their investments. I obtained my property management license and created Deep Creek Properties, LLC. With the goal of helping both owners and tenants. As an affiliate of Lancaster and Co, Deep Creek Properties provides full service property management to the community. At the very center of the rental market, if you have a property to sell, rent or need help finding a place, I am proud to be the first stop. With decades of real estate investing experience, I have been personally involved in many aspects of real estate. It is rare to find a real estate agent with the advantageous combination of construction, water systems, investments, and property management training. I consider this experience a great advantage to my clients and would love to help guide you through your next sale or purchase.



Troy Truman - Lancaster & Co

Troy Truman

As a Northwest Montana native, I love this area. I believe in what it has to offer and the values that its people share. I enjoy knowing most of the people in my town and working with them or their kids whether it is out at Indian Springs, on the ball diamond or the grid iron. As the General Manager of Indian Springs ranch I stay busy keeping everything moving smoothly. Whether it’s keeping up with the running of the golf course, the RV park, or supervising the construction of our real estate, I am always on the move. I have been around this development from the beginning and no one knows how much it means to our community or what a value it is more than I do. I am happy to talk about the great ownership opportunities there are out here whether its and RV, a lot, or a custom home. Outside of my time at Indian Springs, I spend the majority of my time with my beautiful wife and three children, squeezing in coaching youth sports where I can. Starting with my kid’s teams in baseball and basketball, I have coached baseball for six years, basketball for two years and football for three years. Along with being a sports enthusiast, I have spent time on the school board and really enjoy volunteering in the community and supporting our youth. I have a passion for this community and its people and I enjoy helping people find the right fit for their lifestyle in our community.



Carolyn Daughton - Lancaster & Co

Carolyn Daughton

My husband and I first visited Montana in 1987 and fell in love with the state. We vowed, at that time, to live here one day. Life intervened, children came, and it wasn’t until 2007, 20 years later, that my family and I returned for a visit. With that visit, we couldn’t stay away. Montana was calling. A family vote was taken to move from our home in Maryland, 2,600 miles away, to begin a new life in Montana. Family and friends thought we were crazy. Some called it a midlife crisis, but my family and I knew we were making a dream come true.

Fast forward 15+ years, and all of us still love Montana. Living in the West Kootenai, every day I stop, look, and gaze at the beauty that surrounds me.

It’s a 30-year bucket list item – getting my real estate license, that is. My fascination with real estate started years ago, when I worked as a paralegal in a law firm. Title searches, working with buyers, and holding settlements grabbed my interest and has never let go.

Over the years, I’ve gained a multitude of experience in real estate through renovating four houses into homes from the ground up: An 1868 stone one-room schoolhouse (that was haunted), to an 1885 three-story farmhouse. Here, in Montana, a log home, and just for fun, an old Amish cabin, which has been renovated into a guest cabin, known as the Bullet Hole Cabin. (And yes, there’s a story behind the name, as well.) I’ve also been hands’ on in my husband’s business in home construction, remodeling, and custom cabinetry as well as running three successful businesses myself.

On a personal note, I divide my time between doing fun things with my family, as well as boating, hiking, snowmobiling, gardening, and reading. An important part of my life is my position as Local Program Coordinator of the local adult Special Olympics team, Eureka Magic. I’m also known as “Coach” for snowshoeing, bowling and athletics, helping athletes with “differing abilities” be the best that they can be. An extreme honor came to our family in 2017, when we were nominated and received the Special Olympics Montana “Family of the Year” Award for our family’s volunteerism and dedication to the Special Olympics.

I’m an extremely detailed, organized paperwork person, making sure every I is dotted and T is crossed, but more importantly, are the personal relationships with people. Communication is key. All those items work hand-in-hand to create a team working together to help you to make your dream come true. As a natural curiosity seeker, whether it’s questions you have about buying, selling, or the area in general, I’m with you, step-by-step, throughout your experience, and beyond.

In the words of John Steinbeck: “I’m in love with Montana. For other states, I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana, it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”



Josie Lochridge - Lancaster & Co

Josie Lochridge

Hard work. Honesty. Treating neighbors right. These are the values I learned growing up on a ranch in the heart of Eureka, Montana. The third of nine children, I bucked bales, moved irrigation pipes, milked cows and rode horseback. I learned that the workday didn't end at 5 p.m.; it ended when the job was done.

After graduating from Lincoln County High School, I attended Montana State University in Bozeman, where I studied pre-law and met my husband. There, I worked in the banking industry and was responsible for the accounting of all bank funds on a daily basis. When my husband's education took him to Portland, Oregon, I joined a property development company where I managed multiple properties. I was involved in every aspect of the business, from showing the properties and coordinating maintenance to signing contracts. We later settled down in Southwest Montana, where we owned and operated a small business for 25 years while raising our family. Through countless projects on our home and the professional office building we owned, I learned basic home construction skills through hands-on labor. I have always been detail-oriented in my work, taking great pride in completing jobs to the highest level of quality.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to return to beautiful Northwest Montana with my husband in 2019. After acquiring my MT real estate license, I was honored to join the team at Lancaster & Company, where I work with like-minded professionals who share my core values and who are heavily involved in giving back to our community.

Whatever the season, I love being outdoors. In my spare time, you will find me working in my garden, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, hunting or snowshoeing. .

I would love to put my experience and passion to work for you. Whether it is finding that perfect spot to build your dream home in Northwest Montana or carefully guiding you through the selling process, I will work enthusiastically to help you achieve your real estate goals!



Julie Huges - Lancaster & Co

Julie Hughes

It was September 1991 when I read, “4,000 acres of backcountry tree skiing in Whitefish, Montana''. It instantly piqued my curiosity, and a month later, Montana became my home. I tried to leave once, and that lasted about 6 months. Montana has a pull, and it speaks to my heart. I will always appreciate my home state of Utah and the mountains of Wyoming, but my roots run deep in Northwest Montana. In 2004, I bought my first home in Eureka and went on to build a second. I love the beautiful Tobacco Valley, which I call home, and its proximity to the Canadian Rockies, Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park.

I’ve made a career out of doing the things I love and sharing those experiences with others. For a decade, I soaked in the beauty of Glacier Park as a backpack and rafting guide. Sleeping under millions of stars in an International Peace Park among roaming grizzly bears is a special kind of experience. I can say the same for crashing through the crystal-clear glacial whitewater on the wild and scenic Middle Fork of the Flathead River. In winter, you could find me on the slopes, helping those in need. The first winter season I moved to Eureka, I volunteered on the ski patrol at Fernie Alpine Resort in British Columbia, Canada. I loved everything about it! That was followed by 19 years of teaching teenage girls to ski, rock climb, mountain bike, hike and raft at a local therapeutic boarding school. For 14 of those years, I served as Adventure Director, planning and executing day-long and overnight excursions. All of these experiences gave me an in-depth knowledge of Northwest Montana while developing a love and passion for our surrounding natural wonders and endless recreational opportunities right outside our doorsteps!

I am thankful my parents taught me to be hardworking, dependable and trustworthy, which are values I carry to this day. Decades of living and working in and exploring this magnificent part of the Treasure State have molded me into a Montanan who is full of grit, determination, adventure, focus and eye for detail. If you find peace in nature and beauty in majestic mountains, alpine lakes and abundant forests, I would love to share my in-depth knowledge with you and help guide you to your slice of heaven!. No one knows Northwest Montana’s great outdoors like I do!



Julie Huges - Lancaster & Co

Patty Titcomb

Mountain living brings its own joy and challenges, particularly in Northwest Montana. But if you ask me, so does life, and that's what makes it beautiful. It was 1981 when I returned home to a quaint little mountain town in Crestline, California, also known as Lake Gregory. I lived in a tiny redwood cabin with well water and only firewood for heat. With five dogs by my side, I learned to cut my own firewood, fix my car and dodge wildlife. I befriended wild donkeys, picked wild apples for homemade pie and cooked in a massive stone fireplace. For work, I managed the sales departments and coordinated real estate advertising for the town’s newspaper, Mountain Courier News, and Homes and Land Magazine. It was in this small community I discovered my love for mountain living, its diversity and the people who call it home.

In the early 90s, I changed careers and worked for a small pharmaceutical manufacturer, where I processed and filed 20 various trademark applications. I later transitioned to pharmaceutical packaging and labeling and wrote material specifications and technical procedures for the clinical supplies department.

I took time from work to focus on my young family, leading my daughter's Girl Scout troop and serving as fundraising chairman for my son's Boy Scout troop for several years. I led with the following values: keep your expectations reasonable; start each day from a good place; do the right things for the right reasons; use your personal and internal tools for good things; and always be prepared. I still live by those words and strive to exceed them each and every day.

I spent the following 15 years working for a funeral home, helping tens of thousands of heartbroken and devastated families from all walks of life navigate through unimaginable hurdles as they picked up the pieces of shattered dreams. These profound experiences helped me discover my passion for helping others smile through some of life’s most emotional and difficult circumstances.

My journey, which led me here to you, is certainly unique, colorful and extremely diversified. I first earned my real estate license in 2005 and spent nearly 20 years forging my path in real estate around sales, magazine and newspaper advertising as well as escrow practices supporting one of the biggest real estate teams in Southern California. Along the way, I rediscovered my love of art, making a point to embrace the outdoors and capture nature through plein air painting at every given opportunity.

Your dreams and goals in life are to be cherished and nurtured, so call me, and let's see what we can accomplish together.